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Acrylic Media Group offers marketing and design services, which utilizes various strategies to promote businesses in a creative and innovative way.
Responsive Web Design

Your website is your hardest working employee: it’s available 24/7 and never takes a day off. AMG builds sites that leave lasting impressions.

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Our thorough research into relevant keywords ensures that all of the websites we build are optimized for search engine results.

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We offer a number of options when it comes to handling your marketing needs, which are specifically tailored to your organization.

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Our Philisophy

Acrylic Media Group started with two ambitious people who were tired of hearing, “No.” Reaching beyond the confines of conventional corporate culture, these two thinkers sought to find a place where they could be the cause of real-world change, and not be restricted by authoritative figureheads. We don’t strive to be better than our competitors–we aim to change the game entirely. We don’t understand what it means to be complacent. We firmly believe that there is always something bigger and better to be attained, which we can achieve through the hard work of a strong team. As people who have grown up during the dawn of the Internet era, we know the ever-changing nature of media first hand, and feel at home in this fast-paced digital environment. Most people avoid change because they’re afraid of the unknown; we see the unknown as an opportunity to seize anything we can dream up. We not only welcome change, but spark it at every chance we get.

Stand Out–
Be Acrylic.

Acrylic is a type of paint used to create and develop artistic ideas. Acrylic Media Group serves the same function in the marketing industry, using marketing strategies and design elements as our paint. Our organization utilizes various tactics to create memorable brands and develop an online presence that radiates deep within the core of your target market. Painters have learned to experiment with acrylic by diluting it with water, modifying it with gel, and by adding different media and paints. Acrylic Media Group replicates the process and, like the various results one can have with paint, we help to create unique works of art with characteristics not attainable by other design organizations. Acrylic isn’t just a paint, or media group – acrylic is a revolution – The way that we believe people should view the world. Stand Out — Be Acrylic.

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Since every business is unique in its own way, we encourage you to reach out so we can talk about your businesses needs and help create a plan that helps solve YOUR business needs and fits the budget.