Marketing & Design Services

Website Design

Creating a website that resonates with your target audience is crucial! Your website is your biggest sales rep, having more presale interactions than an individual or whole team could ever accomplish.We have an excellent web design and programming team delivering user experience, design, content, SEO, e-commerce and e-marketing that drives your online business.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a pay-to-play platform that leverages user search intent to grow traffic and generate leads. We drive more of the right people to your website with Google Adwords and Bing Ads. When managed by an expert, SEM – also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – can be a powerful way to generate new traffic, new business and conversions through your website.


Your brand is everything! It’s the emotional connection that you and your customers have with your business. Branding is the foundation for all your marketing and communications. We help you understand how branding works, how to use and control branding and what makes a strong brand presence. AMG helps create, optimize and leverage branding for your business.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is rooted in the brand identity of Acrylic Media Group – it’s how one of our founders fell in love with marketing. Over the years we’ve expanded our offerings, but at our core the passion for design burns as brightly as ever. We have a proven track record in brand design, as well as design for print and all aspects of digital marketing.

 Your design must leave a lasting impression and that is exactly what we help to provide.

Search Engine Optimization

When customers search online, are they finding you or your competitors? If search engines don’t know you exist, you are invisible. Ranking higher in search results helps customers find you, driving more customers to your website. We work with you to identify the right terms and phrases for your business and then drive you up the rankings to front page and increase website engagement!

Social Media Advertising

One of the most powerful tactics in digital marketing today! Leveraging the near 2 billion person Facebook and Instagram audience, you can build brand awareness, reach your target audience and expand your audience. Being Facebook Blueprint Certified, Acrylic Media Group has the ability to create, manage and optimize top tier social media acquisition campaigns.

Content Marketing

Search engine algorithms are always evolving. Acrylic Media Group stays on top of the most current white hat SEO practices to keep your content effectively optimized. From organic optimization to keyword targeting and even social SEO, we can help your audience find you.

Strategic Marketing

An effective marketing strategy is one that delivers on your corporate goals. Whether it’s offline or digital, a one-off campaign, launching a new product, growing sales, overhauling your brand’s strategic approach or outsourcing your marketing support, Acrylic Media Group proactively deploys the latest marketing tactics to develop creative campaigns that drive growth and awareness.

Email Marketing

With hundreds of emails bombarding our inboxes daily, your emails need to stand out. There’s a lot to consider when launching an email campaign such as relevancy, content, layout, visuals, audience, delivery and tone. We can develop your strategy, design your templates and advise on content.


Advertising can be an influential part of the sales process. Advertising should reinforce your product values and promote the benefits. Good advertising will drive interest and activity towards your website and your business. AMG focus on delivering adverts that impact positively on your profile and your sales.


Search engine algorithms are always evolving. Acrylic Media Group stays on top of the most current white hat SEO practices to keep your content effectively optimized. From organic optimization to keyword targeting and even social SEO, we can help your audience find you.


Most businesses can’t expect a user to become a customer on the first interaction.  Today’s customers take time to research and reflect before making a purchase. Now you can keep in touch and stay relevant to your customers throughout their buying decision.


The choice of words, the turn of phrase, the tone of voice, the length of copy, all work together to create a picture in the reader’s mind. How you write copy influences how your organization, product or service is perceived. We tailor your copy to talk to your audience and evoke the right response.


Images are one of the most powerful forms of communication. Before a single word is read the images are absorbed and an impression is made. Whether it’s products or people, AMG excel in photography that positively enhances your communications.

Exhibition Design

Stand out amongst the crowd! Grab attention, communicate  products and services quickly, provide hooks, offers and promotions – Acrylic Media Group will design your exhibition stand and materials with a strategic approach to get the best results. The design and concepts should work together to ensure your stand attracts visitors, leaving you to focus on networking and furthering your business.

Public Relations

PR is a very powerful and cost effective tool when properly employed. Getting positive coverage can significantly enhance your profile and that of your products and services. A consistent and imaginative approach to PR is a great promotional tool.

Logo Creation

Help your business become more credible and visible to potential customers with professional Logo Creation. Create consistent branding across all platforms and stand out from your competitors with a unique logo design.

List Optimization

Are you losing customers due to incorrect contact info? Get more customers by increasing your online credibility by maintaining up-to-date, consistent and visible business information across top search engines and directories.Get listed. Get found. Get customers.